Shepherd Hardware 9590 6-Inch Semi-Pneumatic Rubber Tire, Steel Hub with Ball Bearings, Ribbed Tread, 1/2-Inch Bore Centered Axle, reviews, comments

Shepherd Hardware 9590 6-Inch Semi-Pneumatic Rubber Tire, Steel Hub with Ball Bearings, Ribbed Tread, 1/2-Inch Bore Centered Axle

Shepherd hardware semi-pneumatic rubber tires are designed for low-speed applications. Semi- pneumatic wheels provide a cushioned ride, shock absorption and quiet operation. These multi-purpose replacement wheels are great for household, industrial, lawn & garden, and material handling applications. This series features a sturdy ball bearing steel hub for demanding applications.

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Comments / reviews:
After trying three local box stores I caved and ordered these for a 30-something year old radio flyer wagon that I was trying to save. The original wheels were so rotted and rusted there was no saving them. These fit like a glove and offer the same tread as the original wheels and new my daughter can enjoy a smooth ride around the neighborhood

Other reviews mention the lack of bearings in the hub but the 10" wheels I ordered both had ball bearing hubs. It appears Amazon has several options and some do not have ball bearing hubs. Perhaps the buyers taking issue with the lack of bearings mistakenly ordered the wrong ones?

As far as I am concerned, I am pleased with the quality of these and they will work perfectly in my application. The bearings roll smoothly, the rubber seems of good quality, and the steel wheel appears to be well made.

I used these to replace the plastic wheels on my Home Depot "RIDGID" rolling hard toolbox. They are narrower than the original wheels. I used 2 nuts and a few washers to take away the extra space. The Shepherd wheels support 88 lbs each so it tripled the original 60-lb total weight capacity of my toolbox. Luckily, I held onto the old axle caps and could re-use them.

The wheels arrived in great condition, well-made, with no defects at all. They are completely sealed steel with no visible seams. They probably add an extra 2-3 lbs to my toolbox but I don't care because they tripled the load-carrying capacity. At first, they have a very strong rubber smell that disappears without any help after a couple of days. The red paint is really nice. After installing, I bounced my fully loaded toolbox down some stairs and into my truck. On job sites, those red wheels really stand-out. Overall, I am very pleased. I will buy them again. I'll update this review later with pictures.

These wheels look great, serve their purpose, but both of the ones I bought have a bit of wobble to them, out of round, of course, this is no issue for most things, unless one was going to put them on something like a go kart to ride down hills, still a quality issue, and I had to add some spacers as the wobble, or out of roundness, actually made them scrape against the body of the rolling trash can I used them on. Otherwise, very sturdy and work great for my purpose, once the issue was dealt with.

These wheels are great, made of good material and sturdy. I used them on my welding cart and they happen to match the welder so that's an added bonus for me. I think they would be great wagon wheels and good for anything you need stable, sturdy wheels for. The color is great, the size is good - over all very satisfied.

Worked great for my intended purpose! I have a city trash can that had the plastic wheels crushed and split open. I installed these and they fit perfectly. Though the originals where 5/8" bore - 1/2 bore was perfect anywho.

Center of the wheels is not plastic like others sold at a much cheaper price. Wheels are not as wide as originals on my rototiller but they these are not specific to my product. They work good for the purpose and will withstand the pressure.

Very good, can't go flat. They are a bit heavy for the purpose but are probably nearly indestructible. They did smell of new rubber for quite a few days when first used.

Great tough wheels without the big price tag. The inner diameter of my two wheels was not exactly the same, I think due to paint. I ran a drill bit through each to clean them up and even them out. Rescued my tiller just in time for spring yard work.

Great product for the price. Needed to replace a broken wheel on my generator ( flimsy plastic). Bought two to replace both at the same time. Make sure to get the model with the bearings. As others have mentioned you may need to compress the bearings to make them fit.

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