Kenda K358 Turf Rider Lawn and Garden Bias Tire - 20/10-8, reviews, comments

Kenda K358 Turf Rider Lawn and Garden Bias Tire - 20/10-8

"TURF RIDER" TRACTION TIRE Tire Size In=20 x 10.00-8 K358 2 ply tubeless tire OE replacement for outdoor power equipment Quality, long lasting tread compound.

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Comments / reviews:
Fit great on my Craftsman Mower. As others have mentioned, mounting was a real PITA...but I expected it to be. Getting the old tire off, and the new one on was "easy" but getting the tires back on the bead is where it got tough.However letting them sit in the sun for about 30 minutes, ratchet straps, soapy water, and a ton of air did the trick. They have been on for less than a day but seem like a great tire so far. One more quick note: a flat head screwdriver is going to be your best friend with this project.

Great value for the price, fit well on rim and holds air well, but is about 15 percent smaller than the name brand tire of the same numbers so buy in pairs or you will have uneven cut lawns.

The tire works as you would expect a new tire to. But mounting it was a real challenge. After getting it on the rim (no simple feat) you have the challenge of getting both sidewalls to seal against the rim. My 180 psi 2 1/2 gal compressor did not have the voume to push the sidewalls out enough. My brother suggested using butane to try to "blow" the tire to the rim. (Not recommended!!) Tried tying tie downs around the middle to force the sides out, then tried using grease to take up the space. None of these worked.

Finally drove the 20 minutes to town & had the tire store use their compressor to seat the tire. What a pain, but at least the mower is usable again!!

Gave 4 stars because the tire has not leaked once mounted.

Great tires and love the price. I put these on my John Deere lawnmower. They are a great fit and have a better tread than my previous ones.

New rear tires for my old Noma rider.

Nice tires. Went on rims easily and are working great.

Excellent price on a good tire. Just what I needed. Quick delivery and overall nice transaction.

Tires were normal when I received them. I.E. not deformed to pack into a smaller package. Easily installed and ride well on my tractor. So far so good.

worked great


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This listing is for 1 tire and the rim/wheel is NOT included. The image is not the image of the exact tire you will receive. It is for illustrative purposes only to show the tread style of the tire you will receive.