Husqvarna 532144959 Deck Belt Replacement for Lawn Tractors, reviews, comments

This manufacturer-approved deck belt (part number 532144959) is for lawn tractors, including Husqvarna lawn tractor model 917279180. Deck belt 532144959 drives the cutting blades. Wear work gloves to protect your hands during the repair.

This is a better quality belt than was originally provided with my lawn tractor. The difference in quality is clearly evident when visually comparing the new and old belt. This belt perfectly fit my lawn tractor thanks to the comments and reviews from previous customers. A previous customers indicated the importance of purchasing a belt with the designator "5321" because they're designed to match the OEM specifications (exact dimensions). My tractor requires a 95 1/2 inch belts which is exactly the size of this belt. I would purchase this belt again; however, it will probably out live my tractor based on the quality. I highly recommend this product.

The belt is working great so far. I have probably mowed 6 times since installing the belt and I do not see any wear.

It is the right part for the right job.

So far so good about a month now about 5 cuttings.

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