Murray 456250MA 38-Inch Cut 3-N-1 Blade Set for Lawn Mowers, reviews, comments

Murray 456250MA 38-Inch Cut 3-N-1 Blade Set for Lawn Mowers

This is a Murray 38-inch cut 3-N-1 blade sey that replaces Murray parts 456250 and 56250E701MA.

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Comments / reviews:
You'll never know how bad your mower's deck is until you change the blades. Mine was bent all to heck, and well new blades showed me how bad. remember to check the alignment of the blades, and the clearence. balance is fine. edges were clean, powder coat is pretty. might want to sharpen them before first use the powder coat is apply to all of the blade and the dulls it a bit.


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This is a Murray mulch blade that measures 20-inch by 2.25-inch and replaces Murray parts 672763E701, 774004, and 672763E701WMA.
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Product descriptionBrand New Genuine Murray Blade Adapter Kit... We are an Authorized Murray Dealer... Blade Adapter Kit Genuine Murray Part # 491926MA Genuine OEM Murray PartFrom the ManufacturerGenuine Murray blade adapter kit assembly for Murray riding mowers with splined jackshafts (mandrels).