EGO Power+ AB2101 21" Lawn Mower High Lift Blade for POWER+ 56V Lawn Mower Models LM2100/LM2100SP/LM2101/LM2102SP, reviews, comments

The EGO 21"Lawn Mower High Lift Blade is specifically designed for more efficient bagging of grass clippings. Not recommended for use with the mulching plug. Genuine EGO parts ensure compatibility and quality.

There's enough new threads about "When do we get the high lift blade???" and I even started a couple and got at least one of them closed by bitching too much about it and the lack thereof.

So for something completely different. Thanks to a helpful soul here who pointed out Amazon had some - I got mine! Then it rained for 4 days and I couldn't use it.

So today I mowed my front lawn with the usual "mulching" blade and plug, and it was slightly damp, and left trails everywhere. Not a good look, no suction at all, with trails where the wheels pushed the (uncut) damp grass flat. (height set on 2 by the way)

So I cleaned the mower, sprayed the underside with that liquid film stuff from Lowes, and put on my High Lift baby. And moved to the backyard.

I left the mulch plug in, (yeah yeah yeah I know, and MEH to that, this is the way I roll, bag, schmag, I'm mulching) And mowed away, with about 200 magnolia leaves on the ground and a couple dozen of those cone looking things they drop. This tree has been the bane of my luxury problem life. Before we started butchering (read as, pruning) it, it would drop 150 leaves a day, all year around onto the lawn. I even had a leaf vacuum once (that was a POS) And my kid and I made bamboo poles with spikes in the end to go pick up leaves one by one.

Before with the regular blade, I had to go over the lawn with a rake and any leaf even sitting sideways between the blades of grass had to be brought out of the grass and on the very tips of the to-be-mown grass. Not today, I did none of that to see what this thing will do.

Well guess what? Drum roll.....

Dudes (y dudettes) - I GOT LIFT! Lift, real LIFT, and SUCTION.

My back lawn, mulched with the high lift blade, looks WAY WAY WAY better than my front lawn.

Even the pine cone things went "munch" and turned to dust (Always had to pick them up before)

No trails, the sucker sucked sh*t up and MUNCHED it. I got into the bark dust a bit once and it pulled a bunch of that up as well and chewed on it. Then I ran thru a pile of bamboo leaves and it sent teeny pieces flying everywhere.

So, in the groove, I went back to the front lawn and ran back over the trails and the wheel smershed down damp grass, well if sucked/lifted that chit up and chopped it to smithereens as well. It even sucked up the grass off the sidewalk and pulverized it.

Yup, da HL blade is a real thang, and it took away my only complaint with my mowa.....

My mower sucks, and it's a good thing.

My biggest issue with my EGO mower when comparing to my previous Toro Recycler 22 was the lack of suction to pick up leaves or grass clumps while mowing. This new blade is exactly what I needed. Tons more suction!

EDIT: first fall with this new blade and it definitely sucks the leaves up!

The blade really exceeded my expectations and made my cleanup a whole lot easier! I was able to use my mower like a vacuum after weed whacking and it didn't just pick up the clipping, it stood the lawn up taller as it cut. The blade is well worth its weight. To be clear I bag, not mulch so I won't speak to its mulching abilities. I don't think it's meant for mulching but if I were inclined, I'd switch back to the original blade but I don't see that happening at all. IF YOU BAG, BUY THIS BLADE.

Great blade. Better than the original. Provides more suction and lift than the original blade. Its design makes it a bit more noisy but it doesn't seem to use any additional battery energy. I still get over an hour's use on one charge, and that's while using the self-propelled feature the whole time. Now I can mow up and bag acorns, small pine cones and small twigs once again (like my gas powered mower did). The original blade just wouldn't pick up these things. Would definitely recommend this blade. I think EGO didn't include this blade because it might not be good for those who want to mulch instead of bag their grass.

I see that the price has increased by about $15 since I got mine! Still worth it.

Absolutely fantastic upgrade. And very easy to change out the blade on this mower. I haven't used it yet with the bagging option, just mulching. Definitely makes the grass lift up while cutting, giving it a cleaner more even cut. I even cut on a lower setting than normal because this blades performance is that much better. Did not notice any additional battery drain; still was able to maintain a green light after 45 minutes of mowing. The mower does sound a tad bit louder with this blade and also adds a bit more overall vibration but that goes to show the performance upgrade of this blade. A very small trade off for performance if you ask me.

Tons of suction power compared to the mulching blade that ships with the mower. Cuts great!

Remember: this is designed for bagging and side chute (not mulching), however may still work fine for that too.

The one thing I always thought that was lacking on my mower was its able to bag the clippings and leaves. Sometimes you get a full bag others it barely has anything in it even though a good part of the yard was mowed. This blade does an AWESOME job of getting clippings and especially leaves in the bag. When cutting the grass with leaves on it the mower now leaves clean lines.

If EGO included this in their mowers I guarantee they would have even more satisfied customers or at least advertise this option on the box.

This blade definitely improves the lift. The EGO now sucks up more leaves and debris. The only downside is that this added blade resistance seems to reduce battery run time. I had to stop and recharge 7.5AH 56 volt battery just past my usual halfway mark. (It’s possible the battery wasn’t at full charge when I started, so I’ll track this again.)

The lift blade left the lawn looking much better than after cutting with the standard blade.

This blade lifts the grass and doesn't leave cut grass behind. I'm bagging my clippings this season because this is my 1st season with new sod and after this year, I'll mulch my clippings. The stock blade didn't lift the grass enough and I cut my grass at 4", so the extra lift provided by this blade is helpful!

This was a good upgrade for my Ego mower. Ego says this is just for bagging which I rarely do. Like several others, I find this to be a better all-around blade. Got significantly better mulching and suction from this blade over the original. Glad I purchased and I recommend for bagging and mulching both. I did not notice any difference in noise level or vibration.

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