Sun Joe MJ401E-DCA Side Discharge Chute Accessory (for MJ401E + MJ401C Lawn Mowers), reviews, comments

Sun Joe MJ401E-DCA Side Discharge Chute Accessory (for MJ401E + MJ401C Lawn Mowers)

Chute Out! Quickly convert your MJ401-series Mow Joe electric lawn mower from a bagging mower to a side-discharge mower with the MJ401E-DCA side-discharge chute accessory. This simple attachment quickly clips onto the rear of your MJ401E or MJ401C mower to swiftly sweep grass clippings from the cutting chamber, enabling you to cut taller grass without clogging the mower deck. To install the side-discharge chute, lift Mow Joe’s spring-loaded rear cover and remove the grass collection bag. Fasten the side-discharge chute to the mower body by sliding the chute tabs onto the hooks found under the spring-loaded rear cover, and you’re all set! Constructed of durable polypropylene, the side-discharge chute is an easy-to-use, reliable, and affordable accessory that will instantly upgrade the features on your Mow Joe MJ401E or MJ401C lawn mower. Now you’ll have the option of bagging your clippings or telling them to, “Exit at the rear!”

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Comments / reviews:
After reading reviews on how far the cut grass is ejected, I simply compensated with the mowing direction (always facing into the middle of the lawn). Works great.

The MJ401 needs this if you want to use it without the bag/grass catcher. If you try to use the mower without the bag you will quickly realize why you need it. Easy to attach. Lift up the rear door and put the chute on just like the bag. It is a little low to the ground so if you have hills it might drag a little.

Life saver, The bag on the Sun Joe is so small, that you are constantly having to stop mowing and empty the bag. With this side discharge I can mow the entire yard without having to stop once. Then I either leave the clippings in the lawn to nourish it or blow the clippings with a leaf blower.

I love this. I wish it came standard with the mower but alas it only comes with the tiny mulch bag. This functions as advertised but it doesn't throw the grass as some people say it does (someone said ten or twenty feet and that's a bit of a shoots maybe 5 feet). I love Sun Joe as a company though and their customer service is top notch.

This is a must have accessory for the Sun Joe electric mower. The mower only came with a collection bag at 10 gallons, which fills up in literally two minutes. Without the side discharge, it took me four hours to mow my lawn. Very easy to attach to the mower.

This does the job, it goes on easy and keeps the lawn mower from clogging up as i cut the grass. It throws the grass out of the way with force. Works well.

does exactly what you'd expect. creates a nice blower effect too.. Might end up saving me some money on an electric blower ;)

Just what I needed for my mostly tall grass. Beats dumping the catcher every few feet.

Fits perfectly. Got here quickly.

Works as it should.

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