have succeeded the Kaspersky Lab has disclosed scales and model of work of the new malicious software called by "PowerGhost". It attacks mainly corporate networks and infects everything, from personal trackers to server complexes. But PowerGhost doesn't interest contents of memory of these
The Red Meat Games Studio has issued the fifth game project for the systems of virtual reality which is distinguished by original function of feedback. Remarkable fact: the release has taken place on Friday, July 13 the 2018th because a game is executed in a genre "horror". Only it to all horror
Silicon Valley Startup just announced release of the new application for iOS — Miles comprising the program of special remunerations for fans of travel and in general for those who spend on the way much time. The main condition of action of the application – Miles has to accompany the user
Has risen by height of 14200 meters then for 42 seconds I have started the hybrid rocket engine to reach the mesosphere (the site of the atmosphere at the height from 30 to 50 km) – 52 km at a speed of 2,67 Moves. The spacecraft was piloted by test pilots Dave Mackay and Mike of It is already
will appear of NASA is going to make a unique experiment onboard the ISS. His purpose – to create Universe "cold pole", that is to make the maximum cooling of matter, having brought her temperature to indicators in 10 billion times vacuum temperatures are lower. will pass the Experiment
Last year engineers from Laboratory of intellectual systems of the Ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne (EPFL) is created have submitted the concept of the flying drone at which masts with engines could be disconnected from the case at blow. And automatically to fasten back, reducing risks of
to If instead of the person of a pedal twists the electric motor, then about what physical activity can there be a speech? Sounds logically, but the alternative hypothesis has been made two years ago. First, even by modern electrobicycles it is necessary to twist pedals sometimes nevertheless.
Of Tesla has started sale of the limited series of the surfboards made with use of the same materials as her cars. Despite cost in 1500 dollars, all 200 copies have been reserved in day of start of sales. The producer promises to make them within two-ten weeks. Elon Musk has involved in
with If to take two vessels, to fill them with electrolytes with a different charge and to put between them a crossing point membrane, then at interaction of liquids there will be electric current. The movement of electrons from one pole to another – this principle if to trust archaeological to
In the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed the technology realizing the fantastic ideas about microscopic robots assistants. It is spray which contains nanobots, the passive automatic sensors which are adjusted on recognition of concrete types of threats. It is enough to spray an
to the Samsung Company has released new type of the heavy-duty and flexible OLED screen two months ago, but news wasn't advertized until the product has passed official branch test by the Underwriters Laboratories organization. She cooperates with the U.S. Government and uses military standards
by the stomatologist also Has to be the skilled psychologist to understand a mental condition of the patient during the procedure of treatment, or let the last give him signs? In the Center of exact stomatology at Columbia University have decided to transfer this function to the equipment, it
The Google Company has found replacement to a standard two-stage entrance to the account in a type of a physical security key of Titan. He protects from interception of data better, than a confirmation code which usually comes by SMS or is generated through the application. The key represents the
Of Force of defense of Israel announced creation of the new tank with the Merkava Mk 4 Barak index. Existence of intellectual onboard system which will undertake a part of tasks of crew, the most routine work will become his distinctive feature. Independently don't allow to choose the purposes
In October of the 2017th engineers of a mission of Curiosity have managed to restore the mars rover drill feeder after the breakage which has happened more than a year ago. This system plays a critical role — without her the drill can't simply work and get examples of breed. After total
By means of the camera of high resolution the HRSC Mars Express spacecraft belonging to the European Space Agency in April of the current year has recorded a powerful dust storm around the Martian polar cap. Dust storms – the characteristic phenomenon for Mars at this time. After rather small
to now Richard Browning has founded the Gravity company only a year ago, but during this time she already has managed to become the known brand, thanks to creation of suits for individual flights. His last achievement – the Iron Man suit equipped with the 1050 horsepowers jet engine. of
than the French company MG Tech has presented the new bicycle bent shaft Ultime Ti with the clever system of planetary transfers. His system twists a chain on 10,8  % quicker than the standard mechanism. As a result, the wide range of transfers and effective switching allow the equestrian
In the systems of virtual reality the return tactile communication still remains an Achilles' heel that strongly reduces positive perception of games. In BP engineers of Stanford University have developed the new ShapeShift tool for creation of realistic feelings recently. of ShapeShift
The Concept of passive system of collecting plastic garbage on open spaces of the Pacific Ocean Ocean Cleanup has arisen five years ago and all this time there were discussions about the principles of her work. Now, at last, the final design is developed. She will be tested in the fall and will
Of Sony has presented a new sensor of IMX586 with the 48-megapixel permission, the highest at the moment among mobile cameras which, as expected, soon will appear on smartphones. Thanks to so high resolution, the size of pixel will decrease about 0,8 microns that usually leads to decrease in
the Vollebak Company announced fast release of the most unusual clothes in the world – "a graphene jacket". This business structure specializes in innovative and provocative hi-tech accessories and technologies for street clothes. But in a case with a jacket from a decanter they recognize that they
Someone is fond of a freediving, other it is more important own safety and comfort – the new direction of entertainments, underwater shooting by means of drones before our eyes arises. Instead of plunging into frightening depths personally, the person operator starts the underwater Gladius Advanced
In advance Mechanical engineers from Queensland have developed the river Drifter device warning about flood threat, emergence of sewage or blossoming of seaweed. It looks as the simple tube from PVC equipped with sensors which transfer data on quality and speed of water in real time. Clever
to A few years ago IT giant companies seriously were fond of development of chatbot with pseudo-intelligence as it promised the mass of advantages. From those that lie on a surface: reduction of staff from living people for customer service, improvement of quality of services, new marketing
isn't necessary to the Canadian aircraft-building company Opener Inc. I have presented the personal vehicle under the name BlackFly. It is the single plane with function of vertical take off and landing which has the electrical power plant. It is so simple and compact that for management they
The French company Akka Technologies has developed the concept of new flying transport which can replace traditional planes the same as electric vehicles force out cars from DVS. The idea of "Link & Fly" is called and she has already drawn attention to Boeing and also large investors of Asia who
The Ex-racer of Formula One from Brazil, and nowadays the producer of conceptual motorcycles, to Tarsus Markis has constructed extremely unusual vehicle. It is difficult to call this car the motorcycle — it is rather, a fantastic combination from the motor and two huge bezosevy wheels with a
Of Ninebot, the parent company Segway, has intrigued media with the message about preparation of set of details by means of which it will be possible to collect quickly cards, using as a basis classical sigvy. Representatives of the company have laid out several advertizing pictures of what will
the Minister of Defence of Great Britain at opening of the international air show has presented to conceptual model of the Tempest fighter to Farnborough – "Storm". It will become one of the first fighters of the sixth generation in the world — and at the same time especially British
Last October will look so the British space company Hybrid Air Vehicles has announced plans of creation of the elite turistrichesky version of the industrial Airlander airship. The car has received the Airlander-10 index, it intends for long slow air voyages in the most comfortable situation for
The Fleet of the ships from all Pacific Rim which is on the international sea exercises RIMPAC-2018 now, it has appeared under fixed observation of the Chinese espionage vessel. According to US Navies the ship the collector of intelligence information represents Type 815 Dongdiao. The vessel