Google has released Titan security key for protection of accounts against breaking, reviews, comments

Google has released Titan security key for protection of accounts against breaking

The Google Company has found replacement to a standard two-stage entrance to the account in a type of a physical security key of Titan. He protects from interception of data better, than a confirmation code which usually comes by SMS or is generated through the application. The key represents the USB store which needs to be connected to the computer during authorization. For mobile devices connection through Bluetooth is used.

the Staff of Google tests new security keys since the beginning of 2017. As a result the number of breakings of their accounts was reduced to zero. Even if hackers will intercept the login and the password, they won't be able to get access to accounts without physical key. Such protection is especially important for cloudy business accounts which need to keep confidential data.

Google has released Titan security key for protection of accounts against breaking

Physical security keys not novelty. For example, already existing decision from Yubico allows to use them for an entrance to accounts of Gmail and Facebook as a part of two-stage authorization. Google has decided to emphasize advantages of this type of protection, has offered own option.

Titan Key from Google can be got in Google Store at the price of 20-25 dollars soon. USB and Bluetooth modules will cost 50 dollars. Security keys will be able to work without network and without battery that will be convenient for use in way.
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