In the first of August in Seattle there will take place the exhibition at which pictures of winners of the competitions RobotArt for the last three years will be shown. They are distinguished by the general sign – all these drawings are created by robots. Not without participation of the person,
with the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has developed and is ready to publish the special robot for the airports. He combines in himself functions of the guide, the porter, the conductor and a toy, has the friendly interface and doesn't demand payment for the services. Test platforms are chosen as
Directly from within the Inspect robot which is adapted for survival in the extreme environment during the work of system is integrated into a design of the engine. During the idle time periods he moves forward from the niche and measures key parameters of knots of the motor, carrying out
To study an unknown animal, she needs to be caught, and for fishing tools are required. By the 21st century scientists have understood that the standard fishing net excessively cripples sea beings therefore there was a need in new ways of their capture. The robot-lovchy functioning by the principle
to the DARPA Agency starts the long-term program of development of universal robotic systems in two new categories: centimetric and millimetric size. Investigation of almost impassable areas where it is unprofitable to risk more powerful and large robots is called their basic purpose. But main
The Yanmar Company announced a new line of agricultural tractors with an autonomous operating mode. These cars half robots can also directly be operated by the person, execute his remote commands or follow the program. Distinctive feature – a big range of the supported tasks that will allow to
to B 2015 the world has got acquainted with the newly appeared creator in a genre of abstract painting which has taken itself(himself) the pseudonym "Mr. Golov". The old vacuum Roomba vacuum cleaner of production Irobot Corporation which the true Japanese artist Masato Yamaguchi has remade under
If to break process of construction of small one-storey housing into the simplest operations, then it will turn out that in most cases one person can execute everything. More precisely, one pair of hands, including also mechanical. The robotic DFAB House system is developed to replace workers at a
What more largely an object under construction, that high probability of a technical oversight which as a result can lead to serious consequences. Therefore it is very important to find an error at an early stage of construction. The Doxel company has developed the small-sized caterpillar robot
The Famous producer of the industrial equipment and the systems of automation ingeniously copy wildlife the German company Festo has caused a stir also in the field of robotics recently, having developed mechanical versions of a dragonfly, kangaroo and penguin. The next novelties of the company –
After a recent exit to the big screen of the movie "Pacific Rim: Uprising" (The Pacific boundary 2), professor of computer sciences and engineering Robin Murphy has published the devastating article in the Science Robotics magazine. From his words, the mankind has to be ashamed that among us
The Space agency NASA has selected 25 projects for the new Innovative Advanced Concepts program which will be realized within the next decade. It is about breakthrough and basic technologies on which development of future global ideas will begin to be based. The concept of robots bumblebees for
can translate the Word "Scribit" from Latin as "writing", but in this context – "drawing". This device which paints vertical walls in the semiautonomous mode, a new type of the robot for registration of interiors. He was developed by the Italian company Carlo Ratti Associati to replace last child –
In 2015 the Dutch company MX3D has decided to throw through Oudezijds Achterburgwal channel in a historical part of Amsterdam the pedestrian bridge of essentially new design. It was initially planned that innovative welding robots on millimeter "will print" a design directly on the place, in
The Conglomerate of scientific groups of NASA, the Stanford and Californian universities and also institute of San Diego has found the solution of one of key problems of development of applied robotics. The subject which has to take and lift the robot manipulator is heavier, the stronger there has
Huge fighting robots which excited imaginations of the audience of the whole two years has ended with and even has managed to fight among themselves, goes to a warehouse. On an official channel of the MegaBots project there was video on which one of cofounders, Matt Oyerlayn, directly says "At
The Edition of Bloomberg has paid attention to new vacancies for Lab126 – the division of development and researches of Amazon which is engaged in the advanced projects so is called. The organizations urgently were required the senior software engineer and the senior developer in the field of
to the Team of researchers of the University of California has developed the robot eel for carrying out experiments in sea water. In difference from the previous analogs it is set in motion not by the engine, and the elastomeric artificial muscles filled with water. Muscles are reduced by
Exists two main types of underwater robots – smooth cigar-shaped independent Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) submersibles and more bulky, remotely-controlled Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV). The Houston Mechatronics company has developed the Aquanaut robot – peculiar "hybrid" from two
the Inventor and the designer of Lego devices famous in the Internet under the name of The Brick Wall masterly cooks for fried eggs, have told a touching story of creation of the new car. All childhood of the author and now too, his already elderly father every Saturday and Sunday fried eggs
The Boston Dynamics Company is going to begin free sale of the most perfect and tiny model of the robots. SpotMini, the quadruped robot dog, has incorporated all best practices of the company, there has passed the long evolutionary way and possesses debugged algorithms for movement on the
Already now in the world there are robots insects which are skillfully integrated on Wednesday living "relatives" up to that they actually become a part of their community. There is a question: What it is necessary for? In this case it is about bees. The research under the name FOCAS
The Great number of insects have a peculiar collective intelligence. So, each separate working ant performs several simple functions, (for example, tracking of feromonny tracks and gathering food), but as a result, the ant colony is capable to build spacious ant hills and it is reasonable to react
In the University of Oslo have achieved serious progress in development of technologies of evolutionary robotics. Their latest version of the DyRET robot effectively and completely independently uses self-modification algorithms for overcoming any types of the area. Looks far not so beautifully as
B the 2016th at the University of Oxford have begun preparation of clinical tests of the new robotic PRECEYES system. She is intended for operations in the face of the person, and last Monday there was a first developed report on testing of a novelty. In nine operations the robot hasn't made any
In Frankfurt engineers of the Festo company have presented BionicFinWave At a trade exhibition – the independent underwater robot which imitates the natural movements of a live cuttlefish. He is an ideological successor of the bionic direction in robotics when the chassis of cars copies basic
The Horror story of the 21st century about disappearance of jobs for people due to expansion of robots was replenished with one more point now. The Japanese Kyushu University has created a prototype of the robot police dog using an artificial scent for tracing of the purposes. From other analyzers
to last week in the desert of New Mexico within annual Robot Rodeo the best military and civil sappers have met. An action – week of intensive training — it has been organized by one of divisions of the U.S. Department of Energy. A main goal of Robot Rodeo – check of skills of work of
In San Francisco the restaurant at which the house specialty will be created without participation of the person opens. The Creator robot, a child of the Momentum Machines company will begin to do exclusive hamburgers. It is designed to cook bonus hamburgers and anything else – in it all highlight.
Life of one of the most recognizable dolls in the world, legendary Barbie, contains more than 60 years for which about two hundred modifications of a doll under different professions have been produced. The new version which has appeared this week represents the software engineer who not only
will be added to crew of the ISS of the ISS is soon the unique platform where astronauts from the different countries of the world at the same time work. They will have a new assistant already soon – the 5-kilogram spherical robot with AI which the cargo Dragon spaceship of the Space X company
If someone suddenly wants to place advertizing directly on the beach or to send the message from the desert island to the flying by planes in the form of an accurate inscription on sand, then the sand robot developed by Ivan Miranda for this purpose is simply irreplaceable. For printing of the