with If to take two vessels, to fill them with electrolytes with a different charge and to put between them a crossing point membrane, then at interaction of liquids there will be electric current. The movement of electrons from one pole to another – this principle if to trust archaeological to
In the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed the technology realizing the fantastic ideas about microscopic robots assistants. It is spray which contains nanobots, the passive automatic sensors which are adjusted on recognition of concrete types of threats. It is enough to spray an
to the Samsung Company has released new type of the heavy-duty and flexible OLED screen two months ago, but news wasn't advertized until the product has passed official branch test by the Underwriters Laboratories organization. She cooperates with the U.S. Government and uses military standards
by the stomatologist also Has to be the skilled psychologist to understand a mental condition of the patient during the procedure of treatment, or let the last give him signs? In the Center of exact stomatology at Columbia University have decided to transfer this function to the equipment, it
In the systems of virtual reality the return tactile communication still remains an Achilles' heel that strongly reduces positive perception of games. In BP engineers of Stanford University have developed the new ShapeShift tool for creation of realistic feelings recently. of ShapeShift
The Concept of passive system of collecting plastic garbage on open spaces of the Pacific Ocean Ocean Cleanup has arisen five years ago and all this time there were discussions about the principles of her work. Now, at last, the final design is developed. She will be tested in the fall and will
Of Sony has presented a new sensor of IMX586 with the 48-megapixel permission, the highest at the moment among mobile cameras which, as expected, soon will appear on smartphones. Thanks to so high resolution, the size of pixel will decrease about 0,8 microns that usually leads to decrease in
the Vollebak Company announced fast release of the most unusual clothes in the world – "a graphene jacket". This business structure specializes in innovative and provocative hi-tech accessories and technologies for street clothes. But in a case with a jacket from a decanter they recognize that they
to the MARS Bioimaging Company has finished the ten-year project on creation of the medical scanner with tremendous parameters of accuracy of display of internal parts of a body. The technology from CERN using x-ray radiation on the new principles is the cornerstone of the MARS system. The
is created by in Yekaterinburg the Russian company "AMT-Spetsavia" has presented two new models of construction 3D-printers At the international industrial Innoprom-2018 exhibition. A key difference between the S-300 and S-500 models that height of supply of solution at the second 10 m higher
Three years ago the authorities of Los Angeles suffering from a drought have authorized to extraordinary measures for preservation of reserves of moisture in reservoirs. For this purpose in them poured out 96 million easy plastic spheres which have covered a reservoir mirror with a protective
In Galaxy Erding aquapark in Germany has opened VRSlide attraction which is laying claim to "the first-ever waterslide with virtual reality" has opened. The VRSlide system includes completely waterproof font capable to sustain immersion in water on several meters. She is brought together on the
The Scientist-engineers from the Stanford university it was succeeded to find the solution of all key problems of the existing accumulators on the basis of liquid metals. According to them, we are on the threshold of opening – the new battery will be cheaper, safer and more effective present, at
by At the island fortress of Stack Rock-Fort located on one of islands at the coast Milford-Heyven that in the Southern Wales, very interesting story. In due time Thomas Cromwell shortly before Henry VIII's execution in 1539 has suggested to construct fortress on this place. However there have
The Maison mumm Company, the producer of sparkling wines, famous in the world, has thrown down a challenge … to terrestrial gravitation. Her last a child – the bottle under the name Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar which is specially intended for champagne which will be taken with themselves in space
The French startup of Nawa Technologies has developed technology of new type of electric batteries which called ultracondensers. The principle of action is based on division of atoms into protons and electrons in space from the carbon nanotubes made of a decanter and carbon fabrics. However the
The System of recognition of moving objects behind obstacles by means of Wi-Fi-echolocation has appeared not yesterday, but now her service was charged to neural network. With new algorithms everything has changed – there was a technology which was called by RF-Pose. She doesn't "see" the person
Billions of people on Earth have the problems connected with deficiency of drinking water. The group of scientists of the University of California of Berkeley headed by professor Omar Yagui works on creation of the water catching installation which isn't demanding the additional energy and capable
Developers of a new plastic helmet for U.S. Army from Natick Soldier Research, by Development and Engineering Center promised to make it extremely easy – easier than 1,5 kg, as at the time of World War II. It will allow to lower load of cervical muscles and will reliably protect the head from
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission during Yahoo Finance summit has declared officially that refuses to provide to cryptocurrency "Air" (Ethereum) the status of security. It concerns also all means of its processing, converting and generation – all of them beyond the law because Ethereum
by throughout centuries is created producers of artificial limbs of extremities aspired as much as possible — externally and functionally — to bring closer them to absent "original". Just the TouchBionics company has published the video in YouTube where has in detail shown stages of
the IBM Company of the beginning development of artificial intelligence for a debate the 2014th as a separate branch of development of "machine thinking", as opposed to systems with exact calculation. The Deep Blue computer which in the 1997th has won against Garry Kasparov a game in chess operated
The Slowed-down video, it slou-mo, enjoys improbable popularity at the audience, however to create him extremely difficult. The equipment necessary for this purpose costs very much, and need to somewhere store the material which is finished shooting at a speed of 300 thousand frames per second
After change of a name in 2016 his name is by Myau-Ludo of Disko Gamma Myau-Myau. But on it changes in life for the Australian inventor from the State of New South Wales haven't ended. A year later, it has implanted in the back of the palm the chip from the electronic Opal card by means of which
Command of elite division of fighting swimmers of US Navies has addressed researchers of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a request to develop a special diving suit which would provide an opportunity to survive in cold water a long time without prejudice to mobility. Two years
The Management of naval researches of US Navies (ONR) has allocated considerable funds for development of a unique water-repellent covering for ship cases. His appointment — to improve running characteristics of the ships. Except water to him also "oil and alcohol-containing liquids aren't
In January of the current year the authorities of the Prefecture of Kanagava have announced plans the first in the country to introduce the system of forecasting of crimes. To the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo already to develop experimental network of collecting and data processing in all region.
The DARPA Agency works on the next project – transforming wheels for the fighting Humvee car which within two seconds change the configuration, turning from usual wheels into triangular caterpillars. The tank is distinguished from other means of arms with presence of fire power, armored
During the recent research conducted by specialists of the University of Texas at Austin, Jewish university and Israel Institute of Technology Tekhnion has been established that the accumulator of the smartphone can possess one more function unusual, unknown earlier. As it has appeared, power
Accident on Fukushima Plant has shown that the mankind has evolved in methods of personal protection against gamma radiation dramatically – any rescuer hasn't died from direct consequences of radiation. Officially, at least, what has been reached due to use of the leaded linen, in a makeweight to
The Tilapia – one of the most widespread food fishes who are grown up in special square cages and feed manually several times a day. Specialists of the Brazilian company Fisher piscicultura aquaculture have developed the new technology differing from former much in smaller expenses and mortality of
the Current season is celebrated by splash in interest in a fungus of a type of "Aspergillus oryzae", he "kodz", and this interest is shown by culinary specialists and scientists. The first experiment with "the Japanese mold" when cooking different dishes, the second try to understand as it works.