Kayaking With Eric Jackson: Strokes, Concepts, and Bombproofing Your Roll, reviews, comments

Kayaking With Eric Jackson: Strokes, Concepts, and Bombproofing Your Roll

The most comprehensive instructional program in history on the skills of maneuvering your kayak. Each skill has its own chapter on the DVD. So watch at your leisure, no rewinding or fast forwarding needed. 90 minutes of skills will assure that this DVD will last you a long time. Don?t forget to bring it to work.

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Comments / reviews:
Great informative video. Somewhat dated now, but good never the less.

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This bright red warning device is to use on the end of your kayak, if it exceeds your vehicle length. ThisJackson Kayak caution flagwill safely mark your long load making it clearly visible to other people.
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