Perler Beads Pattern Pad, Striped Beads, reviews, comments

Perler Beads Pattern Pad, Striped Beads

Perler-Pattern Pad: Stripe Bead Designs. The perfect addition to your pegboard arts and crafts kit. Choose from over 110 pre- designed patters or draw your own for hours of creative fun! Contains one 9x7-1/2 inch pattern pad with twenty-eight double- sided sheets. For ages six and up. Imported.

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Love it!

Perfect item filled with ideas to go along with the beads!

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Product DescriptionThis huge jar holds 22,000 activity beads in a vast variety of colors in both transparent and solid styles, ironing paper, and complete instructions. All beads are made of LDPE: a food-grade plastic containing no harmful chemicals. Recommended for children ages 5 and up. WARNING:
Product DescriptionPerler BIGGIE beads are created for smaller hands and are a necessity for creating magical designs that will keep kids and adults busy for hours. With these beads and pegboards, creating a variety of shapes is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Create your design, fuse together with an iron and
Product DescriptionPERLER-Pattern Pad. Choose from 110 pre-designed patterns or draw your own for hours of creative fun! Just pick a pattern; place a clear pegboard on top; design it with beads and fuse the project. This package contains one spiral-bound pad of twenty-eight sheets (eight of the
Perler-Pegboards: Fused Bead Kit: Sharks. Be creative and make your own color scheme with these clever animal templates! Have an adult finish your project by fusing yours beads with an iron This 11- 1/2x8x1-1/2 inch package contains 2000 beads three pegboards one sheet of ironing paper and pattern
The convenient and stackable Perler Bead Tray includes 4,000 Perler beads in 14 colors in 16 compartments.The divided tray keeps colors separate for easy selection and storage. Colors include white, black, bubblegum, raspberry, red, orange, yellow, cheddar, kiwi lime, dark green, toothpaste,
The Perler mini bead pegboard pack is designed to work with Perler mini beads to create colorful, creative projects. Each pegboard is 3" x 3" and can be interlocked with others to create large designs! for ages 12 and up. The Perler mini bead pegboard pack includes: 4 interlocking square
This Bakery Activity Bucket from Perler will feed kids' creative hunger for hours! Design donuts, cupcakes, cookies and more all with this awesome set. For ages 6 and up. The Perler Bakery fuse bead bucket contains:• 8500 beads • Small circle pegboard • Small square pegboard
Product descriptionPerler Small Color Pegboards for Fuse Bead Activities. Pegboards in this package are dog fish cat and turtle. (Perler beads not included).From the ManufacturerThese shaped Pegboards are designed for use with Perler Beads. Simply place beads on the Pegboard, cover with Ironing
Perler-Rolled Parchment Paper. The perfect addition to your pegboard arts and crafts kit! Use this ironing paper for all sizes of fuse bead pegboards (not included). This package contains one 20.5 foot roll of 12 inch wide ironing paper. Imported.
Perler fused bead kits let you create fun, colorful designs and will keep everyone busy for hours. Young and old alike enjoy crafting with beads. Each kit includes fun shapes, colorful beads, complete instructions and ironing papers. Pegboards and ironing sheets are reusable.