ALEX Toys Artist Studio 8 Scented Markers, reviews, comments

ALEX Toys Artist Studio 8 Scented Markers

ALEX Toys Artist Studio 8 Scented Markers lets your little artist color without that magic marker smell. Each of the 8 colors has its own signature scent, which makes smelling the markers almost as much fun as drawing with them! Black is licorice, green is honeydew, orange is orange, yellow is lemon, brown is chocolate, blue is blueberry, purple is grape and red is strawberry! Each of the markers are 3.5in. tall and come with matching caps to keep them fresh when they’re not being used. Recommended for children 3 years of age and older.

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Comments / reviews:
I purchased these for my granddaughter and she absolutely loves them. They're a great size for smaller hands, just a little smaller than normal. They also smell great and thank goodness they're washable. I recommend these to anyone with a toddler.

Bright colors, strong scents. My kid loves them and has stopped bugging me about buying him smelly markers. Will buy again once all of these are lost or ruined. Because running out of ink is always the last option on the list.

You want to eat them because it smells very sweet :) . Your child should not use it alone because they can take it into their mouth. When you draw something, it changes your room air.

Fun to color picture free hand or book.

I was to get a free gift with this purchase and I did not :( That is why I order these markers

Markers don't really smell, but they color very nicely...and wash off skin easily. We have been coloring a big project with these markers for the past 4 nights and they are still going strong!

These ALEX Toys Artist Studio Washable Scented Markers are wonderful for a child or adult alike!
I love that each box comes with 8 different colored markers. And I love that they included licorice scented for the black color, as that is one of my favorites!
These markers really smell as good as the item they represent. The slanted tips can be used to make thin, thick or thickest lines.
Great for coloring in coloring books or getting creative on some plain white paper or poster board.
They come in Licorice (blk), Orange, Strawberry, Lemon, Honeydew Melon (grn), Blueberry, Chocolate (brown) and Grape.
Safe for children ages 3+ and the ink is Washable, so no worries about them coloring on the walls or carpet by mistake.
Great value for the asking price.

I love the smell of these! I thought my kid would love them so I ordered them.. Shes almost two and writes on other things besides paper, so I was glad that it said there washable....But.. well... There not that washable.... Its hard to get of skin and my table! You really have to scrub hard to get it off.. SO with that I was disappointed... BUt at least they smell great!!! lol I still got them for a great price and my child had alot of fun with them..

I bought these for my kids so that we can do arts and crafts together. They smell WONDERFUL and the papers smell great long after they've been done. The price is right and they are easy for my kids to open and close. The colors don't bleed together and it wipes off easily if they draw on themselves.

scented markers.... the original gateway drug! No, on a serious note, these are great and clean up well. My daughter drew all over our shop door and i took a hose to it and it came almost completely off with minimal work....

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