Crayola Pip-Squeaks Washable Markers, 16 count, Great for Home or School, Perfect Art Tools

Endearing Pip-Squeaks Markers are small in size, but BIG in color! The easy-to-hold short barrels are scaled to match little hands and the ink is our special washable formula!.

As the parent of a three year old, I have to salute Crayola for a brilliant line of washable markers. Little kids want to use markers, but you can't let them have regular ones because they draw all over themselves. the table, the walls, the floor... These markers wash off so nicely! All I have to do is pop the little one in the tub and *Bam* she's clean again! The 16 colors are enough to keep the little one and her big brother happy. No shortage of colors and they even have two shades of most of the colors so if one is using blue, the other one can use light blue. It stops the fighting. I love Crayola products and they have not let me down with this set of markers. They draw just as well as regular markers with such easier clean up that I am not sure why Crayola even sells the regular markers anymore. They should make every marker a Pip Squeak.
Pros:Good variety of colors
Easily cleans off of any surface
Kids love them
Cons: none that I can find

My 3 year old got these for her birthday and she loves them. We've had other rmarkers that she couldn't get the lids on herself but these are easy enough for her.

I have used Pip Squeaks markers for my kids for years now; this was just a refill purchase. We love them. Beautiful vibrant colors that match the colors of the caps, no scent, and they wash out of everything!

SO cute, love that they are washable, makes a great gift with a coloring book or pad due to all the great colors. They can be kind of fluorescent too, something different.


Perfect for toddler fingers and super easy clean up. They stay moist for a long time even with the cap off. Would love to have more color selection in this size though. There seem to be more colors availably in the super skinny pip squeaks, but the kids don't like those as well.

I have used these with my students for several years. Even the older children like to use them.

These are particularly good for kids with poor fine motor skills or weak hands. Much easier for my son's weak grip.

Great markers to fit into small hands. My 3 and 5 year old love that they can color with markers like their older brothers. Bigger markers were harder for them to handle and would often cause them to slip when coloring, these allow them to have more control and less marks elsewhere.

We bought these for our two year old son and after a couple days of use he can use them independently. I like the variety of colors available and they are great for his small hands.

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