Pi-topCEED Hands-on Desktop Computer Makes Experimenting, Coding and Building Electronics, Simple, Affordable and Fun - An Ideal Platform for STEAM-based Education, reviews, comments

Pi-topCEED Hands-on Desktop Computer Makes Experimenting, Coding and Building Electronics, Simple, Affordable and Fun - An Ideal Platform for STEAM-based Education

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Comments / reviews:
I purchased this for my 13-year old son who has enjoyed refurbishing old desktops that have been discarded by others. He loved the straightforward assembly and how easily the speaker (sold separately) plugs into the unit. Speaker volume and quality is much better than we expected. The ease of getting right to the applications without having to download additional software was another plus to this item. From the time we opened the box until he was working on one of the apps was under 1 hour (without parental assistance).

Fun product. Exciting to see the possibilities for the future of computers to younger people. I wish I had this type of thing growing up because maybe I would be working with computers. Everything seems quite durable and it is easy to set up. Very user friendly which was my main worry. I will probably start looking into add-ons to expand its use. This is going to be a great gift for my nieces and nephews as they get older and more curious!

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